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The Corruption of Princes
The Corruption of Princes depicts the fall of the seven archangels who, despite their perceived perfection, were corrupted by the seven sins. This is the prologue for a larger body of work which recounts their descent into unholiness and is a cautionary tale of how sin will inevitably corrupt even the pure of heart. Roaring organs and grinding bass lines foreshadow the tumultuous conflict which leads to the end of Heaven.
Music Box
Highly reflective, Music Box is at the heart of Visaic’s journey and a symbol of the purity and innocence of youth. The protagonist reminisces about growing up in his family’s creative, yet sheltered, home. Like the winding mechanism of a music box, tension and release are delivered with paced momentum. Fantasy and melody, make-believe and controlled reality: Music Box introduces the influences which shaped the sensitive protagonist of the narrative.

Artilect fast forwards to a point in the future where the protagonist has become a cyborg, metal married to flesh, rejected by all those around him. He has already descended to the netherworld of all-consuming darkness and survived the experience. Having overcome his depression, he no longer feels the weight of his shunned existence. However, his anger at humans’ hypocrisy fuels a growing desire to use his newfound power to annihilate the world around him.
Sometimes we need to abandon remembrance and roam in solitude, becoming rebels against our own thoughts and hoping it will be enough to resist the magnetic pull of the past. Extracting bad memories liberates us from the emotional baggage of the past and allows us to start anew.

Cyborg creates a murky atmosphere that signals the advent of danger and destruction brought about by an escaped robot. Hunted down and destroyed by humans, he leaves behind his own creation—a crude, next generation robot, who served as his companion. Foreshadowing the coming war, Cyborg is a stepping stone to a future chapter in Visaic’s musical narrative.