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Discover the classically-inspired cinematic electro music of Visaic: Gritty, grinding basslines juxtaposed with Baroque instrumentation.



Sin is an exploration of the darker side of angels as they traverse the immoral world of man. Over the course of their exposure to the iniquity and shameful indulgences of humanity, an ugly truth is revealed: Even the sainted can be sinners. View each sins’ accompany artwork here.

Visaic · Sin

Music Box

Highly reflective, Music Box is at the heart of Visaic’s journey and a symbol of the purity and innocence of youth.

The protagonist reminisces about growing up in his family’s creative, yet sheltered, home. Like the winding mechanism of a music box, tension and release are delivered with paced momentum. Fantasy and melody, make-believe and controlled reality: Music Box introduces the influences which shaped the sensitive protagonist of the narrative.



Visaic’s debut single.

Bullets feat. Elise & Sabife

Visaic’s first collaboration with Sabife.

Barely Alive feat. Diamond Eyes – Welcome to the New World

Visaic’s remix of Barely Alive’s track.

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