Apocrypha, named after the enigmatic writings – texts shrouded in mystery and often excluded from the sacred canon – is an exploration of the human condition. Questions of morality are framed behind stories of corruption, redemption, salvation, and betrayal, presenting ethical dilemmas that rest on a knife’s edge.

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Whispers of Rebellion is a depiction of ultimate deception, focusing on Lucifer’s effort to convince Metatron to rebel against God in an imaginary second attempt to overthrow Heaven. The painting explores the allure of defiance, the tragedy of hubris, and the high cost of ambition, inviting viewers to reflect on the seductive nature of rebellion and the perilous path of power.

The Final Confession of Father Pietro portrays a man burdened by sin who finds solace in his faith as he recites his last prayer. And by leaving the prayer unanswered, puts the fate of the Father in the viewers hands, begging the question: What are you willing to forgive?