The Corruption of Princes

“The Corruption of Princes” is an audacious series of digital paintings and songs that reimagines the traditional narrative of celestial purity, portraying the seven archangels succumbing to the very vices they once stood against, which leads to their imminent banishment from Heaven.

Each painting in the series blends divine iconography and human frailty, capturing the archangels in moments of vulnerability and moral failure as they grapple with greed, lust, envy, pride, wrath, gluttony, and sloth.

It’s a poignant commentary on the imperfection that resides even in the most divine, suggesting that no being is immune to the temptations and flaws afflicting humanity.

Once the Protector of the Righteous and the Commander of Heavenly Hosts, Archangel Michael has succumbed to the intoxicating allure of pride, casting a shadow over his once luminous essence. Driven by an arrogant conviction that eclipses his former glory, the Prince of the Celestial Legions stands poised to unleash his divine wrath.

Humanity’s endless means of eradicating itself had always fascinated Azrael, but none more so than their pernicious habit of stuffing their corpulent forms with food ad infinitum. Allowing his curiosity to get the better of him, Azrael resolved to taste the forbidden fruit. With unlimited access to luxurious, sugared delights and glistening meats steeped in oil from the recently deceased, an insidious addiction beckoned.

Raphael, Chief of the Order of Virtues, has spent eternity in a sainted world. However, frequent visits to the Earthly plane have given rise to a desire for duality, a yearning for the sensual pleasures and suffering of the flesh. Intrigue gives way to desire, and as the sinuous arms of Lust envelope him in their beguiling grasp, his lips finally taste the sweet ecstasy of sin.

Chamuel has maintained peace between heaven and hell since the Lightbringer’s fall, earning him his fellow angels’ admiration. Their words, however, did nothing to satisfy his desire for a more tangible recompense. Spurred on by the cupidity chafing away at his righteousness, Chamuel finds satiation in hoarding the most valuable commodity in existence: angel wings.