Photo of Visaic

Visaic is a German-American cinematic electro composer. He was born into a family of multi-ethnic artists: violinists, pianists, opera singers, dancers, painters, and writers. This diversity encouraged creativity and experimentation. A seasoned traveler, he was also exposed to a wealth of cultural and musical influences first hand.

Introduced to digital music in his early teens, Visaic quickly became enraptured with the limitless possibilities software could provide. Breaking onto the scene in 2014, he released a remix of Barely Alive’s “Welcome to the Real World,” which received positive reviews. Later that year, his entry in LYRA’s “Hero” remix contest garnered him an offer for a record deal, but he preferred to keep innovating his style before committing to a label.

Rather than cultivating a particular sound, Visaic focuses more on painting a musical narrative that moves along the evolving timeline of his protagonist. From debut EP “Music Box” with its piano solos and synth-driven, classically influenced melodies to his first single, “Artilect,” a post-apocalyptic track chronicling the rise of machine over man, Visaic continues to push the boundaries of his work.